ZINOZEN Let me introduce.
지노젠 비전

Respect for people based on trust and honesty


Contributing to human health and happiness


Global luxury brand Preoccupation of cutting-edge bio technology Global bio leader

지노젠 스토리

ZINOZEN's Storytelling

ZINOZEN's research based on cutting-edge bio converging technology

Discovering natural products essential for scalp health based on AI big data analysis

Enhancing protein absorption with the application of cutting-edge converging bio technology(small molecule engineering/special proteolytic enzyme technology)

Completed manufacturing the ultra power cell regeneration protein complex ReproX that is excellent for cell regeneration due to the ingredients such as protein/mineral/vitamin, etc.

pplicaation of skin penetration enhancing protein/amino-acid complex formulation modelling bio technology

지노젠 인증

Research & Development

We will lead anti-aging industry based on the cutting-edge bio-life science technology, stem cells, gene editing, protein engineering, and nano technology


Korea patent registration completedy
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